Tips & Tricks for iOS 7

Tips & Tricks for iOS 7

If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner, you have probably downloaded the iOS 7 software update by now.  Released to the general public a few weeks ago,  the update has been pretty smooth in general and most users have had no serious problems with the upgrade (which is kind of amazing for such a radical software change).  In fact, we have at least one client who actually fixed a “freezing”  issue with her iPhone 5 by downloading the update.  Once you installed the update, however, you will have noticed that quite a few things have changed, and not just the new look and feel.

For instance, long-time iPhone users have probably learned to close running apps to save battery life.  Although iOS 7 is designed so that most apps use little to no resources when in the background, many users still want to be able to limit the number of apps running on their phone and to close them when they have crashed or they need to be reset.  If you double-tap the home screen button in iOS 7 to access the list of running apps, you will notice that the apps are now presented in a sliding carousel with a screen-shot above the app’s icon.  If you try to press upon the icon to get the little close-box in the upper right of the icon (a la iOS 6), the feature doesn’t work that way any more.  However, in iOS 7, all you have to do is to swipe up on the screen shot and it will slide off the screen and the app will close.

This and seven other tricks (plus a few bonus tips) are outlined in a great article we found on the TechCrunch blog.  You probably didn’t know that iOS 7 added toggles (yes, Toggles!) and that your phone can now be used as a construction level in addition to such mundane tasks as making phone calls!  The possibilities are endless.  All kidding aside, these tricks are really useful and make your iPhone or iPad a lot easier to use.  If you’ve discovered any tricks not mentioned in the article, feel free to post them here and share them with everyone.

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