More Cheesy Bacon on an App

More Cheesy Bacon on an App

OK, this one gets filed under “Almost too hilarious to be true.”  It turns out that actual research has shown that when customers are ordering pizza by phone, they are too embarrassed to order the hot, cheesy, bacony toppings that they secretly want.  When talking to a live person, people are more likely to order Double Veggies than Double Bacon because social pressures induced people away from the awkward, and fattening, orders and towards simpler, healthier choices.

The research was done by a large regional pizza chain.  The chain had recently rolled out a website where customers could order online.  They tracked the ordering behavior of their regular customers, comparing what those customers ordered on the website to what they had previously ordered over the phone.  Lo and behold, people got really adventurous on the website compared to what they ordered by phone.  Also, the action was all in the toppings – customers didn’t order more pizzas, they just ordered more toppings.  And more of the really calorie-heavy toppings, too.  What’s even better (from the chain’s point of view) was that these customers spent an average of $0.61 more on every pizza.

That’s cheesy, bacony gold, that is!

So if you’re interested in making more money on every order, you should be moving your restaurant business online.  Or even better, on a mobile app – so you’re business is right in the pocket of your cheese and bacon-loving (yet discreet) customers.

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