Standard App Functions

The Standard App package includes a selection of useful tabs that can be configured and themed for your business. These tabs, or functions, are available on ALL of our App packages:

App Functions

Around Us – The Around Us tab is a great way to include a list of relevant points of interest within your app, complete with GPS directions!
Call Us – The “Call Us” tab is a very useful feature that allows your users to quickly call you at the tap of a finger.
Car Finder – The Car Finder tab allows users to find their car in a crowded lot. The user simply marks the location of their car before they walk away and the app remembers the location. Later on, when the user wants to return to their vehicle, the app will give GPS directions back to the marked location.
Contact – A contact tab displays general information such as the businesses location, a link to their website, phone number/ direct calling, a contact email address and operating hours.
Directions – The Directions View tab is a quick and easy way to allow your users to quickly find a location of your choosing!
E-Mail Form – The Email Form tab is a general purpose utility that uses a mobile-friendly form to allow users to send emails to a business. It’s great for requesting appointments, referring new customers or soliciting volunteers.
E-Mail Photo – An email photo tab is a tab function that allows a user to take a picture and send it directly to an email address specified by you. For example, you can create an email photo tab titled “Party Cam” and have the photo emailed directly to you to place on your restaurants Facebook page or customer photo wall.
Events – The Events Tab allows users to view all upcoming and past events, say “I’m Going” to the event, place comments on the event, upload photos for the event, and increase engagement with your events.
Fan Wall – The Fan Wall will allow users to comment, ask questions, interact with each other, view comments on a GPS map, view recent and nearby comments, upload photos to your comments, view all photos uploaded, and increase the interactiveness of your app.
Food Ordering – The Food Ordering Tab is a simple way for restaurants to start taking orders through their mobile app!
Global Search – Add Global Search to your apps to allow the user to search the entire app. To access the search function swipe down on the app in the middle of the screen and the search bar will appear. For example, “house” is being searched here on this Real Estate app. Any part of the app that has the word “house” will now appear in this menu for the user to click on.
GPS Coupon – The GPS Coupon is a great loyalty feature in which users can go a company’s location and check in for rewards automatically, just by using the device’s own GPS feature!
Home – The Home functionality will improve the customer experience within the home screen of the app. You can add the “call us / directions / tell friend” buttons to the front of your app and you can add sub-tabs to the front of your app.
Image Gallery – The image gallery tab is a native view of images on your mobile device. This is an awesome way to display just about any images of your business inside your app. The Image Gallery can also be connected to an existing Picasa, Flickr, or Instagram account to display those elements in the app.
1-Tier Info – A 1-Tier info tab can be thought of as a static HTML page. Inside this tab you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page.
2-Tier Info – A 2-tier info tab can be thought of as a static HTML page. Inside this tab you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. This is a great way to display information about your business. It is categorized in two tiers, with the second being the more specific. For example: ITEMS → CONTENT
3-Tier Info – A 3-Tier info tab can be thought of as a tiered categorization of items, with the last being a static HTML page. Inside this tab you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. This is a great way to display information about your business. Each tier increases in specificity, with the first being the most general and the third the most specific. For example: Cheeseburgers → The types of cheeseburgers offered → Info about a specific cheeseburger.
Loyalty – The Loyalty tab is very easy to set up and use! This tab allows users to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp card, where vendors can enter a secret code for each “stamp” on the card, and offer a reward once users have reached the set number of “stamps”.
Mailing List – A mailing list can be visualized as a rolodex for a newsletter. A newsletter is a form of communication that organizations use to inform their customers of news and changes they make. A mailing list and newsletter is crucial for a company that has updates and news, especially for periodic updates. Use this tab to collect your clients name and email addresses.
Membership – The membership tab is a way for you to set a username and password for users to access your app. This feature can be a great way for exclusive groups to create mobile apps for their audience.
Menu – A Menu tab is a 2-tier or 3-tier information tab that can be used for any priced items. For example, a restaurant could use the 3-tier menu tab to showcase their entrees in increasing specificity (Ex. Entrees → Burgers → Turkey Burger). It allows you to place a large amount of information in a small amount of space on mobile phones.
Merchandise – The Merchandise Tab is a simple way for businesses to start making sales through their mobile app!
Messages – The messages tab is the push notification portal, a way for you to send direct messages to your customers! This tab stores all of your previously send messages to allow your customers to view messages later in case they had missed them initially.
Music – The music tab is a great way to play music and sell tracks via iTunes inside your app.
Mortgage Calculator – The Mortgage Calculator tab is a tool that allows you to calculate a monthly repayment using variables such as loan amount, loan term, and interest rate. The mortgage calculator will then return the results based on the information you input. Mortgage calculators could be implemented in real estate apps, banking apps and car dealer apps.
News – The news tab is a great feature to include the most up to date information related to your business or service!
Notepad – The Notepad tab is a great way for users to save notes, and send them as an e-mail directly from the app!
Podcast – A Podcast tab feature is an excellent way for any business to display their media content on a mobile device. All you need is your existing podcast link! This feature is a great tool for displaying video or audio podcasts.
QR Coupon – A QR coupon is closely related to a barcode and scanner. This technology utilizes your mobile device for its camera, which scans the code that the app Dashboard gives you. By scanning this code a given number of times, it will unlock certain coupons that you set.
QR Scanner – The QR Scanner tab is a useful tool that can scan any QR code your users come upon!
Reservation – The Reservation Tab allows the user to schedule appointments directly inside your app, charge an optional upfront % commitment fee for the appointment, manage your appointments with a beautiful built in calendar, receive notifications via email when appointments are placed, register accounts for easy scheduling in the future. You can book more clients and increase repeat appointments.
RSS Feed – RSS feeds are common and popular form of displaying news and information. RSS feeds load a web page that will consistently be updated without you ever having to change the information within the app. It’s a new form of sharing information and can now be integrated easily on your app. Updated with current news, links to articles, special offers, and all other types of useful information, your RSS feed can be a tab that your users check multiple times a day.
Sports Stats – A Sports Stats Tab is a function that allows you to include a counter inside your app. This counter can be used for tons of things and also allows you to email the results to an email specified by you and also include a email subject of your choice.
Tell A Friend – The Tell A Friend Tab allows your users to spread the news about you app. They are given the option to send the word out through email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
Tip Calculator – A tip calculator is extremely useful for restaurants or food service delivery apps. This calculator allows the user to input the price of the bill, the tip percentage they wish to pay, and the number of paying parties. The calculator will then display the sum that each party should pay to split the bill.
Voice Recorder – The Voice Recording tab is a feature that now allows your users to record and then send in voice notes regarding your business or information you request from them.
Web Site – A web page tab is used to display different web sites without having the user leave the app. This feature becomes very handy when promoting ones Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, OpenTable, or any other websites that do not contain Flash. When using this feature, all that is needed is the direct web address which you want displayed. This tab can also be used to integrate functionality that allows a more customized experience for the user.
WuFoo Form – A WuFoo Form tab is used to display custom forms developed on the WuFoo platform to capture data from the user. You will need a WuFoo account to use this tab.
YouTube – A YouTube Channel tab is used to display your business’ direct YouTube channel in a clean and clear way on mobile devices without having the user leave the App. Before you configure this tab, please make sure your YouTube channel has a custom URL.
Social Tab – The social tab allows you to sign-in to all your social media accounts before navigating through the app, so you do not have to continually sign-in each time you want to post, share, or comment within a tab.
Sliding Images – You can create sliding images for the home page of your app and really give a great custom look and feel to your app!
Geofencing – The new geo-fencing feature has been a huge enhancement to the push notification system. You can now fence off a specific area for your push notification, and when users enter that area, they’ll automatically receive the message on their device. By setting an active period for the push notification, you can limit the time period for the message — for instance, if you’d like all users who enter the area before 5 PM tomorrow to receive your push notification. This is especially useful when businesses have deals or events they’d like to advertise to nearby users who are most likely to take advantage.
Walkthrough Tab – The Walkthrough tab is an excellent way to give users a sneak peak of the great features available within your app. The content appears when the app is launched before the home screen is shown. It is primarily meant to describe and summarize the more advanced functionality of the app such as audio playback, location-based and camera-based features. The content of the Walkthrough tab is pre-populated by our system but it is all customizable.