How it Works

We’re simple – we build Apps and Websites to get your business or nonprofit noticed – and to engage your customers, clients and donors in a swift and seamless interaction.

celstuffApps available on iPhone, iPad, Android & the mobile web

Online activity is moving irresistably to mobile platforms and it is important for your business to follow your customers to the new platform.  Opticom Apps allows you to publish, edit, and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web apps online and in the Google and Apple App Stores.  All of our apps are designed to promote your brand – as opposed to general-purpose Chamber apps that simply provide you a link.  Using an app, your customers don’t have to search for you every time they need to find you – they simply go to the app that is already on their phone and call you up, or buy what they want right on their phone.Your brand is communicated with your customers to provide an engaging experience where they can do business with you again and again, right from their own mobile device.


Websites developed on WordPress with lots of great functionality

WordPress has evolved from a simple-to-use blogging software package into the most popular and functional Content Management System in use today – it’s cloud2been estimated that nearly one in five websites is deployed on WordPress.  This is due to the fact that the software is very easy to use, but also because a very large community of users and developers giving WordPress websites the ability to not only publish your marketing online, but also to engage your customers in everything from surveys to complete electronic sales transactions.  Opticom Apps uses WordPress exclusively for all of our website development – and to make sure we can giver you the most beautiful and most functional online presence, we have partnered with two outstanding development organizations:

  • Elegant Themes has been rated #1 for the most beautiful and versatile themes available on the WordPress platform.  All of our websites include a premium theme from Elegant themes so that your website will always looks great.
  • WPMU DEV is the organization that developed the Multisite functionality that runs some of the biggest collections of blogs in the world.  They have developed an entire library of plugins that can give your website the functionality that you need – and they are all guaranteed to work well together, avoiding one of the biggest sources of website problems.  You can see the entire list of possible functions HERE.