Reschini Insurance

Reschini Insurance

At The Reschini Group, we manage risk. We navigate change. We track regulation, and we can help you reach your business rewards. Since 1938, The Reschini Group provides employee benefits consulting, risk management, and commercial insurance brokerage services for clients of all sizes across all industries.

Some features of the app include:
– The Reschini Group provides weekly Tips on issues relating to Healthcare Reform
– Access the results of the IUP ACA Survey to learn how others are handling decisions made necessary by the ACA
– Have your own Affordable Care Act question? Ask one of our Experts through the mobile app
– Use our News Feed to stay in tune with new developments
– Check out the Events tab to find ACA events near you from The Reschini Group

Here is the app in action: Please note that the Listen Live and Audio tabs do not work in the demo

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