Website Function Upgrades

The following is a list of the plugins available to provide functionality for your website:

Level One Upgrades (All require Dedicated Hosting)

These plugins provide major functional updates to the website and require significant staff time to set up and configure. The a la carte price for implementing and configuring a Membership or MarketPress Site Upgrade is $595.00. Pricing for CoursePress is estimated as a project depending on the number of courses and whether you are charging for courses (because it requires MarketPress). All Level One upgrades require dedicated hosting because they require additional resources.
MarketPress – A full-featured shopping cart allows you to sell items through your website with ease. This is a full-featured plugin out of the box with no addons necessary. Includes multiple payment gateways, fully internationalized, sell real objects or digital downloands, Shipping, coupons, Google Analytics eCommerce, sales pricing, unlimited product variations and so much more. Everything you need for one price.
Membership – A membership website is a site where visitors pay a monthly or annual fee to get access to some or all of your content. This revenue model allows you to take a WordPress site and transform it into a recurring income-generating business. In fact, this is the exact strategy behind many of the world’s most profitable websites.
CoursePress Pro – allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress – whether you’re selling or sharing your knowledge, this plugin will save you time and make your work stand out. All the elements you need to make a great course Create video-driven courses, allow participants to upload and download at will, create quizzes, listen to audio and participate in course discussions.

Pro Site Upgrades

These plugins provide major functional updates to the website and require significant staff time to set up and configure. The a la carte price for implementing and configuring a Pro Site Upgrade is $195.00.
Ultimate Facebook/Google+ – ultimate facebook allows you to fully integrate Facebook with your site, giving you the functionality of a dozen different plugins with one do-it-all plugin. Autopost to your Facebook page or wall, allow users to sign up to your site with their Facebook details, import comments made on Facebook and more.
The google+ plugin allows you to fully integrate Google+ with your WordPress site.Take advantage of Google’s social media tools and help your users better engage with your site with features like +1 buttons on your posts.
Appointments+ – is a powerful, flexible and feature-rich plugin that allows you to accept, set and manage your bookings on your site. Do you constantly swap between your website and your appointment booking system, juggling calls and missing new clients who fall through the cracks? Ditch your diary and save a fortune in time and money with Appointments +
E-Newsletter – brings professional management of your email newsletters and your subscribers into your WordPress admin interface. There’s no need to use third-party services as e-Newsletter lets you create and send newsletters, manage subscribers and subscriber groups and view statistics, all from your WordPress site.
Events+ – gives you a flexible WordPress-based system for organizing parties, dinners, fundraisers – you name it. Take control of your social calendar without having to rely on a third-party web app and manage your events from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.
Chat – Welcome to “Chat” — the ultimate WordPress and BuddyPress chat plugin! Getting live chat on your site has never been so easy. This plugin lets you set up public chat sessions, one-on-one chat session, chat sessions between users on your site, BuddyPress Group chats, BuddyPress Friend chats, and more.
Protected Content – This is a light version of the Level One Membership plugin. Easy to setup, flexible plans and convenient payment options – configure the perfect membership system to sell and protect anything you like. Limit access to pages, posts, categories, words, paragraphs, links, videos, audio files, images, PDFs, forums, menus, courses, comments and anything else you can set up with WordPress.
Custom Press (custom posts/listings) – CustomPress is the ultimate plugin for transforming your WordPress install from a blogging platform into a full blown CMS system. Ideal for situations where you want to sort content into different categories such as: Movie Database, Book Database, Real Estate listings, or Design Galleries
Directory (Directory listings) – Directory turns your site into a fully-featured listings directory complete with ratings, reviews, payments and more. Quickly and easily create a specialized niche directory or even your own Yellow Pages-style site.
Fundraising – gives you a flexible WordPress-based system for organizing fundraisers and donations or Kickstart your own projects.
Wiki – is all you need to transform any WordPress site into a powerful, yet easy to use, wiki site with all the core features that MediaWiki has, plus a few more.
Social Marketing – Build buzz around your product or service with social marketing for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
Website Forums – This plugin allows each site to have one or more forums that is created by dropping a special code into a post or page. Once a forum is created, just add the shortcode into any post or page to allow registered users to chew the fat however they wish.
Classifieds – allows you to buy and sell goods on your WordPress site. Transform your site with classifieds functionality or simply create a standalone page. With Classifieds you can quickly and easily turn your web site into the next eBay or Etsy.
Jobs & Experts – gives your users a place to post projects and/or register as an expert complete with skills-list and portfolio. Browse a list of experts and hand-pick the perfect person based on ratings, portfolio and experience, or post your own profile and apply for work through the same fully integrated platform.

Basic Upgrades

These plugins provide functional updates to the website and require less staff time to set up and configure. The a la carte price for implementing and configuring a Basic Upgrade is $95.00.
Subscribe by Email – Drive engagement for your site with regular emails to your readers with links to your latest content. Subscribe by Email allows your audience to easily subscribe to configurable, personalized, clean, regular HTML digest emails.
MailChimp Integration – Email marketing is *hard* – it’s such a specialty that while we offer simple WordPress Multisite mailing list functionality here at Opticom Apps – at the end of the day if you want to do emails seriously, you’re going to want to use a professional third party service… and our favorite 3rd party mailing service is MailChimp.
Pay with a Like – Simply allow visitors to exchange a Like, +1 or Tweet for post content, videos, a free download, a coupon code or pretty much anything you want. Then, by clicking Like, they’ll promote your site to their friends, followers and colleagues… who may also want to pay with a like. And the more likes, +1s and tweets you get – the higher your post and sites will appear in Google, making this amazing for SEO too!
Comments+ – allows your readers to comment on your posts using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or accounts. Encourage greater discussion on your site. Allow new visitors to have their say on your posts without forcing them to create a new account with your site.
Scheduled Selected Content – allows you to schedule any content, in any post, to show at a time you set in the future.
YouTube Featured Videos – allows you to feature clips from your YouTube channel on your WordPress site, increasing the exposure of your multimedia content. Have you ever published a video on your site only for it to slip into oblivion after its initial release? Keep your videos front and center.
Pay per View – allows you to sell your digital content and accept one-off, daily or subscription payments. Whether you want to sell tutorials, databases, video, audio, ebooks or more, Pay Per View allows you easily monetize your site.
HTML Email Templates – allows you to use your beautiful, sexy HTML email templates for emails that WordPress sends. By default, WordPress sends out gross, boring, plain email notifications for events such as new comments, comments in moderation, new users, etc. We want to make that a better experience! This plugin is for any brand-freak out there who just wants WordPress to send nice emails.
Floating Social – follows users as they scroll your site, allowing them to easily share your content on social media no matter where they are on the page. Sharing your content on social media is the most effective way to get eyeballs on your site. With Floating Social, visitors to your site can help you spread the word to their friends and followers with just one click.
Status (similar to Facebook status) – allows you to quickly and easily post status updates directly to your WordPress site. Bring the ease with which you can add status updates on Facebook and Google+ to your WordPress site.
Invite – Our Invite plugin allows you to send invitations to friends and colleagues. Users can include a personal message along with the invitation. As you can imagine, this is pretty powerful stuff, the real fans of your site can collectively contact tens of thousands of people telling them how great it is! For a fee, you can even integrate this with a system that will allow your users to import their email contacts from web based email services like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail – and then email them all!
Friends – Want a really powerful, yet straightforward friends system? With this plugin, you can bring friends functionality to your WordPress multisite within mere minutes! The plugin allows your users to ‘friend’ each other, lets users display funky widgets with avatar mosaics of all their friends on their site, and generally lets them get all social and hooked up with each other.
Slide In – allows you to create graceful and eye catching marketing messages that grab your audiences’ attention and convert them to your product or service. Do you have a particular message you don’t want your audience to miss? Would you like to build your mailing list without using annoying pop ups?
Pop Up – Grab your visitors’ attention with Pop Up, the most effective way to advertise your mailing list, special offer or ads on your WordPress site.
Avatars – Want to give your users the ability to upload their own avatars? With this plugin, your users can upload both a ‘user avatar’ and a ‘blog avatar’ which displays on any comments they leave across your network.
Simple Ads – for site owners that simply want to insert ads before and after post content, across their site, and not have it removed or replaced by any other ads by any users. It allows you select whether you’d like ads before and after post and page content, a maximum number of ads that you’d like to display and whether you want to disable ads showing on the main blog.
In-post Ads – Visitors can be blind to banner and sidebar advertising. In Post Ads solves that problem by inserting unobtrusive ads within the content of your site.
Ad Widget – If you’d ever wanted to show ads on your WordPress or WordPress MU blog via a widget, and apply simple rules to determine who sees them, then this is your plugin. It’s designed to work as simply as possible – as multiple widgets so that you don’t need to edit any code or fiddle with any settings. Simply place the widget where you’d like it to sit, choose the rule that you want to apply (for example, show this ad only to search engine visitors), paste in your ad code and you are away!
Custom Sidebars – If you want to be able to create sidebars, footers or any other widget areas that show different content on selected posts, pages, categories, archives or even to different user types – this is the plugin you’ve been looking for. Simply decide which (or all) of your current